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Digidee Native Network

Digidee is facilitating a network of premium content publishers, offering true native display solutions and enabling sponsored content for premium brand advertisers. Native display ads are very efficient and naturally blended in the editorial content. Users often find the advertisement less intrusive than overlays, banners and alike. Native advertising is thus marketing with a better appeal for the users.

The amount of publishers and content, offer the advertisers instant access to 24 content categories of high quality content. We are focusing on building an efficient sales channel and publishers can focus on gaining experiences and profit from the professional solutions.

Digidees technical platform optimizes the results for advertisers and publishers and use state of the art tools for content-, user and cross platform optimization.

Read more about Native Advertising and find guidelines on our blog.

  • Native Advertising form & function


Digidee’s 10 reasons to use native advertising


1. The content adapts to the publisher’s site
Content adjust to the publisher’s layout and editorial standards so that the content integrated fits effortlessly with the rest of the news article.

2. Relevant content
Editorial content distributed by publishers as native advertising can be just as relevant as what is written in editorial offices. More value is added by offering creative and intricate formats that may not be able to be created on a normal day in a publisher’s office.

3. Native ads have a high relevance in social media
People accept this new ad model because of it’s relevant content. They are not routinely identifying it with advertising and they even share the content without incentives, as the content is truly interesting.

4. Content is non-intrusive
Banner ads often appear in the most unlikely places that hinder the users reading and seem impossible to close. The users are tired of banner ads and ignore them. Native formats on the other hand are non-intrusive and is seen on as another video to watch or article to read on the publishers website.

5. It’s the publisher’s choice
If the advertisers content doesn’t fit the publishers editorial line or doesn’t add usefulness to readers, it is possible for the publisher to discard the specific content and make place for more relevant ads.

6. Native is interactive and can be used in multiple formats
Native advertising uses interaction and makes it possible to engage the audience via interactive videos, games or surveys.

7. Users become more involved
Native advertising increases audience engagement because users value that a brand, instead of selling, offers quality content, making sure the users are engaged in a way which is not possible through other formats.

8. Increasing the ROI
Native formats aren’t paid by empty impressions, with which there is no way to know whether the user paid attention to the ad. The native model is based on content consumption by the audience. The new CPE model (cost per engagement) adds profitability.

9. Native ads = Transparent ads
To the user the native ad seems transparent, but there is always a disclosure tagline making sure to let the viewer know that the content is “native advertising”.

10. Breaks the PR model
The time where it was the PR department’s mission to convince editorial to write well of the brand is over. Native advertising changes this as the online publisher monetizes these activities and can control them to be as minimum intrusive as possible.

About us

We are a company with more than 10 years in-depth experience in the Publisher, Adserving and Programmatic industry. We work with Technical development, Reselling, AdOperations, Support and Programmatic operations. Our focus is on building stable growth and strong ties to our customers, making sure that we properly know their business in order to advice and help them over the long run. Our largest customer pool is in the Nordic countries, but we work on a global scale, and have several years of experience in doing so.


What to expect from us


We have a strong focus on our employee and customer relations and always make sure that we deliver both quality as well as a pleasant experience. Trust is at the core of everything we do.


Our Team

Cxense Display support is open from 09.00 - 16.00 CET and can be reached on support@cxense.com or +45 7020 9195
Digidee support is open from 09.00 - 16.00 CET and can be reached on support@digidee.dk or +45 2990 6945

Digidee Blog

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